Frequently Asked Questions.

What is PicR?

PicR is a free and reliable image hosting provider. We offer online storage for your screenshots, images or GIFs. You can upload them with a single click and select a threshold to automatically delete, destroy and self-destruct your uploaded image irrevocably.

Why should I use PicR?

We value your privacy. Images hosted with PicR enjoy highest availability and simplest sharing - that's guaranteed! Whenever you need to share a image or screenshot, PicR can help. We don't host your images forever - we just host them as long as you need them, and then we delete them from our servers, forever.

What kind of files can be uploaded?

As a image hosting provider, we support the most common image types: PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF and BMP.

What is the maximum file size?

The maximum file size is 8 MB per image. You may contact us to increase this limits if needed.

How long do you host my images for?

By default, images have a hosting duration of one view. That means, after your image has been viewed one time, it will be deleted forever. However, you can edit this threshold before uploading your image. At the latest available option, your file will be permanently deleted after 31 days.

How do you handle my privacy?

We value your privacy. For this reason, we store no data except those needed to run any normal website. With PicR, you can get started right away and upload pictures without needing to create an account or logging in. Your personal data is none of our business.

Can I host illegal content with you?

No. Although we do not have direct access to your pictures and they may be deleted automatically, our terms of use still apply. We reserve the right to legally prosecute violations of our terms of use.